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VidyoConferencing Joins Forces with Italian Police to Help Heighten Security

Case Study Published By: Vidyo, Inc.
Vidyo, Inc.
Published:  Oct 22, 2010
Type:  Case Study
Length:  2 pages

Challenge: How to establish telepresence-quality, continual multi-party video communications between a regional police force in Verona, Italy with the other primary national law enforcement agencies in Italy, using a fixed, limited budget.  

Solution: 4 VidyoRoom HD100 systems; 1 VidyoOne system; 1VidyoGateway; 10 ports; 1 portal; 50 seats; 150 downloads  

Results:  Low-cost, exceptional-quality videoconferencing that has allowed the Italian Police Forces to greatly improve their com­munication systems and reduce costs during investigations and daily law enforcement activities. The new Vidyo-based “virtual operations center” is respon­sible for a dramatic reduction in the number of physical meet­ings that are required to manage daily operations, enhancing productivity and saving time and money.  

More and more organizations and enterprises are finding that Vidyo’s solution addresses the primary challenges they face: the need for an affordable, HD videoconferencing solution that can be used by a variety of people in a variety of locations, both rooms AND desktops, connecting over general purpose IP networks like the Internet--while maintaining a high quality user experience.  

While traditional videoconferencing products require significant IT resources in terms of costs and man­agement of the system, the Vidyo system requires no network management, no administrator to set up calls and no reservations, since every participant has their own meeting room and ability to invite any­one to join their meeting via email. Just one single web-based admin console is needed for managing both Vidyo’s desktop and room systems.  

Vidyo provides a personal telepresence experience that solves what has been the most fundamental videoconferencing quality problem experienced by videoconferencing users for years – LATENCY. Vidyo’s patented architecture based on the H.264 SVC standard eliminates 80% of the delay, freezing and audio loss that plagues traditional videoconferencing solutions. This groundbreaking solution delivers the In­dustry’s highest level of error resiliency. The result is a smooth, natural interactive experience between everyone who joins the conference. And since VidyoConferencing doesn’t require any specialized net­works or hardware, participants can join from wherever they happen to be; on their laptops, desktops, room systems, Netbooks, and coming soon, on their smartphones and tablets!

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