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Patch plus AV: Better Together

White Paper Published By: Shavlik Technologies
Shavlik Technologies
Published:  Apr 14, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

We, as humans, want to believe that we can function in a sterile environment in which all we need to do is wear a mask to protect ourselves from getting sick. But, in reality, to avoid illness, we must not only avoid negative external factors, such as a coughing child sitting next to us on an airplane, but also ensure that we are proactive in our health. That means maintaining our immune systems, through a nutritious diet and regular exercise, to avoid compromise. Looking at the state of computer systems and networks in this same light, we must practice healthy IT from the inside out. In other words, employing a firewall and signature-based antivirus (AV) is critical to defending against threats, but as the only means of protection, it is akin to exclusively relying on the mask to stave off infection.

This whitepaper will cover the challenges of relying exclusively on either AV or patch and configuration management for threat resistance and why a combined approach is the best option. It also will delve into the added complexity introduced by virtualization and how an integrated endpoint protection strategy is particularly viable in these emerging environments.

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