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Next Generation Budgeting & Forecasting: Best Practices Webinar for Energy & Utility Companies

Webinar Published By: Adaptive Planning
Adaptive Planning
Published:  Jun 09, 2011
Type:  Webinar

Recent surveys identify numerous challenges for Finance, from managing performance against key metrics, to planning and managing revenues and expenses, to healthcare and benefits, monthly variance reporting, and more. And you're concerned with both streamlining processes and making better business decisions. All with limited resources.

The good news is that performance management solutions are designed to address many of these top challenges – and by leveraging new technologies, they're easier and more affordable than ever before.

In fact, by replacing your Excel-based processes with an automated budgeting, forecasting, and reporting application, you can:

  • Plan for demand (e.g., kilowatt hour, gallons, cubic feet), which directly drives revenue, and supply (e.g., leased rates, purchased or produced energy), which directly drives cost
  • Analyze profit margins by commercial, industrial and residential customers, geographies, and other dimensions
  • Model integrated P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements, with effects of demand, supply, and capital spending
  • Manage key performance metrics, including rates, usage, price, energy charges, capital expenses, and operating expenses
  • Create precise projections for operating costs associated with multiple categories of personnel (union, non-union, and various shifts) by planning and preparing for turnover, retirement, and workforce redundancy
Join us for an informative webinar and learn how easy it can be to create exceptional value through FP&A. You will hear case studies describing how leading energy and utility companies worldwide have been able to move beyond Excel and save time, enhance companywide collaboration, and improve business decisions – ultimately resulting in higher revenues and profits. And you'll also see a demo of how Adaptive Planning's award-winning software creates value for energy and utility companies.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn key strategies for transforming your budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes.

Register today!

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