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Learn about Mobile Data Protection from an Expert

Webinar Published By: Trend Micro, Inc.
Trend Micro, Inc.
Published:  Jul 19, 2011
Type:  Webinar

The consumerisation of enterprise information technology is one of the most significant security concerns today. With the plethora of mobile devices, social networking, new applications, and data plans flooding the work environment, a loss of visibility is an immediate exposure to risk. Protecting the data on these employee-owned devices is key to the success of this "revolution." In this video, security analyst Rich Mogull, founder/CEO of Securosis discusses mobile data protection topics and address issues, including:

  • The latest trends in mobile security, mobile device management, and mobile data protection
  • How to avoid a battle between BYOD (bring-your-own-device) users on one side and corporate IT on the other, who want to implement centralized security and control
  • Offers advice for those enterprises that want to embrace BYOD
About the Speaker: Rich Mogull, founder and CEO of Securosis, has twenty years experience in information security, physical security, and risk management. He specializes in data security, application security, emerging security technologies, and security management.

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