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Gartner Advice: Say yes to Consumerisation, Security Strategies Revealed

Webinar Published By: Trend Micro, Inc.
Trend Micro, Inc.
Published:  Jul 19, 2011
Type:  Webinar

Gartner claims consumerisation of IT is the #1 technology trend today. The invasion of smartphones, tablets, consumer apps, and social media can’t be stopped or ignored. So use this technology—it’s to your advantage. "This is very much like the early days of the Internet… unless you participate, you’ll miss out." – Ken Dulaney, VP distinguished analyst, Gartner.

The problem is most enterprises have not changed their strategy to manage and secure this flood of technology, which expose their data to risk. In a new video, Gartner and Trend Micro offer recommendations for today’s enterprise to gain control and visibility of consumer IT.  Watch the video to learn

  • An analyst’s view on consumerisation strategies and developing a security plan that works for your enterprise
  • Why a consumerisation strategy is critical
  • Replace old rules with a “managed diversity” model
  • Offer choice with limitations and consequences
  • Deploy the right management and security
  • What types of enterprise solutions make it easy to manage and secure consumerisation 

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