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Give Rewards and Get Sales

Webinar Published By: Cartera Commerce
Cartera Commerce
Published:  Jul 16, 2012
Type:  Webinar

Offering customers discounts or rewards for their patronage is a proven marketing tactic to attract new customers and build loyalty. But today, there are more types of deals than ever, and it's hard to know which ones drive real, profitable results for merchants.

So if you're asking "Why Card-Linked Offers" we've summed it up in five key reasons:
1.        It's Risk-Free--you pay only after a sale is made with your business
2.      It's Easy-no changes to point-of-sale, no vouchers, no coupons
3.      It's Targeted-offers are delivered to consumers in your area
4.      It's Trackable-monthly reporting shows new and returning customers
5.      It's Sustainable-attract new customers and keep them loyal
Watch the demo to hear how OfferLink by Cartera is delivering card-linked offers for thousands of merchants like you.  Give Rewards, Get Sales.

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