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Improve Your Bottom Line : Partnering With The Right Staffing Company

White Paper Published By: Decca Consulting LLC
Decca Consulting LLC
Published:  Sep 14, 2012
Type:  White Paper

Identifying the right talent for your enterprise is not only a challenge but can be time consuming and could upset performance.  Most of our client initially try to recruit talent internally by posting jobs on social networking sites or at job boards  or their career site but the response is either minimal or the resume does not meet the skillset. This issue is only realized after ample amount of time is dedicated by internal professionals who could be doing something more productive for their company.  When they start to look for a staffing company that may identify candidates for their requisitions, the fees may be high, so they reject the idea and start thinking about staffing internally again. So, what if there is mission critical project and you need to hire either a contractor or a full time employee but you have a limited budget? Finding a resource may be easy but understanding their background, their interest and their intention is not. Not to mention that negotiating a salary or an hourly bill rate can be just as tenacious.

What if a company had a process for properly screening, recruiting and presenting talent so you can comfortably hire with confidence? What if a company had custom tailored fees and markups based on your budget so that you could improve your bottom line. No matter what the size of your company, the idea of reducing cost and improving profit margin should always make sense.

Quality should never be compromised for quantity so we take our recruiting process very seriously. Decca Consulting specialized in Niche-On-Demand Staffing and we cater to clients from small companies to fortune 500 clients. Giving our clients the best possible resources without burdening their finances is our plan and we plan to grow with our clients.

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