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Traditional HR Technology Is Failing Us and a Revolution to Replace It Has Begun

White Paper Published By: SumTotal
Published:  Feb 01, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  13 pages

Unlike before, changes in technology are now being driven by the people using the technology, not by the people designing it. Except in HR.

Surveys show that most HR professionals are ready for a completely different approach to HR technology.

The Talent Expansion Manifesto, a new white paper from SumTotal, explains why the traditional approaches to HR technology are outmoded, how we got to this point, and how one system is revolutionizing the game right now.

Steve Parker, a former HR executive and a Vice President at SumTotal Systems, argues that today’s HR organizations need to provide technology solutions that help their organizations’ people be great at what they do and not just record what they did. People want solutions that are:

  • Easy to use
  • Easily valuable to the end user
  • Easily accessible

The Talent Expansion Manifesto engagingly explains why HR technology needs to do more than just evolve (as it did in the shift from using enterprise resource planning to HCM systems of record).

The Talent Expansion Manifesto makes a compelling case for how SumTotal’s newest technology platform is truly revolutionary. Called elixHR (short for “extending and linking human resources data and processes”), this platform creates a virtual system of record that helps HR leaders leapfrog the need for HRIS consolidation and focus on making their organizations and their people better.

The elixHR Platform:

  • Lets HR plug in any data source — an HRIS, a payroll system, a talent or learning management system, another enterprise system, such as ERP, or even LinkedIn or salesforce.com. Creates a virtual system of record, delivering fast, easy integration of HR and business processes with access through portals and portlets that you can put in other software.
  • Provides the mobile and social capabilities and truly cross-functional workforce analytics you’ve been waiting for – without the wait.

When you combine elixHR with the most comprehensive set of integrated HR solutions designed for action, not just automation, and your choice of deployment options, the result truly is revolutionary.

“Calling it human capital management doesn’t really fit,” Parkers says in The Talent Expansion Manifesto. “After all, who wants to be ‘human capital’? Nobody. At all. Ever.”

SumTotal, the largest independent provider of integrated HR solutions, wants to get back to the idea that talent is unique and should be nurtured. The Talent Expansion Manifesto makes the case for a revolutionary way to do that, effectively and easily. 

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