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Optimizing Sales Compensation Plan Effectiveness

Webinar Published By: IBM Smarter Analytics
IBM Smarter Analytics
Published:  Jun 20, 2013
Type:  Webinar

For many companies, 2012 was a year of positive momentum and better results. Consequently, strong optimism influenced planning for 2013, leading to one resounding, emphatic focus: GROWTH. As such, companies geared their compensation plans to focus the sales force on growth. Has it worked? This, at first glance, should be a simple question for sales compensation professionals to answer, but it is often illusive.

This practical, high impact discussion will provide attendees with key practices for how to understand the effectiveness of their sales compensation plans and where to look as they seek to make improvements. 

Attendee benefits/Takeaways:
•Key Do's and Don’ts for Assessing Plan Effectiveness
•Core Plan Effectiveness Metrics to Leverage
•Next Steps for Making Improvements
•Learn how technology can be used to sharpen    management’s visibility
•Understand the operational efficiencies that can be  achieved with Sales Performance Management technology.

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sales, optimization, business technology