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A Delicate Balance: The Competing Needs of IT and Users in a Mobile World

White Paper Published By: Adobe
Published:  Nov 25, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  4 pages

For the past several years, the nature of enterprise productivity has been forever changed by the new breed of mobile devices. Personal smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Gone are the days when every enterprise gave its employees a security-focused BlackBerry. Cloud-based productivity apps can be downloaded in seconds.

These changes have given workers powerful control over when, where, and how they access information—and they’ve also taken direct control away from enterprise IT departments. An entire productivity ecosystem has sprung up around the enterprise worker, taking shortcuts around IT. To best support your growing mobile workforce, you need to understand what employees want to do with their documents.

In this white paper, we uncover the numerous document productivity features that employees want across PCs and mobile devices. Subsequent papers will discuss how you can manage content as well as the best features for a hybrid model—utilizing both the cloud and on-premises deployments—to help employees work more productively on the devices of their choice.  Please download whitepaper to learn more.

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