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The Cookie Has Crumbled: Itís Time For Another Approach

White Paper Published By: Semcasting
Published:  Feb 19, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

Any conversation about online privacy these days is bound to create a stir. 

Congress had been focused on privacy in the context of do-not-track, opt-out and self-regulation as it applied to online ad targeting.  That conversation has been a challenge because it brought into question the basic technological architecture of online advertising.  The concern from both the industry and Congress has been that any regulatory misstep or overreach may damage an otherwise robust industry.  This is why regulation of any kind has been slow in coming.

In an industry that routinely invents more efficient and more effective ways of doing online business, it is good to hear that we are finally starting to hear the case for alternative ad targeting technologies. This is happening not only because of growing concerns regarding privacy, but also because it is starting to look like the basic ad targeting architecture is Ė in part Ė more broken than we thought.

This white paper will guide you through a series of third party studies that have been completed recently on the diminishing reach and effectiveness of audience targeting with cookies.  The numbers are challenging and it appears it may be time for an alternative to the cookie

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