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Free eBook: 9 Tips to Benchmark Your Web Performance

White Paper Published By: Yottaa, Inc.
Yottaa, Inc.
Published:  May 09, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  24 pages

This guide presents 9 key tips to ensure you get actionable insights from benchmarking performance, including pictures, charts, bite-sized tips, and links to free tools to help you do it all! The guide will help you to understand how your site compares to competitors in your space, industry averages, and web-wide standards.  We cover the basic metrics used to determine performance, such as Time to Interact, as well as some more granular metrics like Time to Start Render. 

Useful to beginners and veterans alike, this guide highlights:

  • Common oversights people make when benchmarking sites against competitors
  • Best practices for benchmarking against your competitors -- and beyond 
  • How to use benchmarks to pull ahead of your competitors
  • Free tools & resources to let you start benchmarking immediately

Download the guide to start benchmarking today!

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