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Top 5 reasons to move to Rumba+

White Paper Published By: Micro Focus
Micro Focus
Published:  Sep 12, 2014
Type:  White Paper
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The corporate end-user community provides vital cogs in the wheel of a healthy organization. Users include the call centers, the retail assistants, the service desks, the sales offices and the people who deal with order processing. Yet many of these users are often faced with outdated user interfaces (UIs), and struggle to cope with the levels of efficiency and throughput needed. Worse still, these old systems typically only run on a connected terminal - or ‘green screen’ - but more and more these days, users need web and mobile access.

Micro Focus Rumba+ dramatically improves business efficiency by providing a better user experience. It can also now be accessed from a variety of devices. Let’s take a look at five top reasons to move to Rumba+.

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user experience, user interfaces, mainframe apps, business efficiency