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A Set of Best Practices for Targeting, Aligning and Measuring Learning

White Paper Published By: Skillsoft
Published:  Mar 03, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  13 pages

Learning expectations have never been higher. Changes in the global marketplace and workforce demographics are accentuating the need to leverage human capital as a competitive differentiator. Companies that can nimbly adapt to industry shifts are realizing greater market share and increased competitive advantage. Instead of regarding training investments as a cost, savvy chief learning officers are positioning learning as an investment that can further strategic results. This paper offers a set of best practices for identifying learning needs that support business priorities, align a solution and measure results. It is a consolidated set of ideas, tips and techniques collected from the experiences of Skillsoft customers. Why are these practices so vital? They are the foundation of a business-aligned learning strategy. As the learning strategy matures from one that uses elearning as an option to the classroom to one that applies multiple modalities, advanced technologies, sophisticated blends and performance tools... enterprise productivity makes significant gains. Skillsoft’s Learning Growth Model describes this evolution though five progressive stages.

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learning management, business priorities, learning growth model, e-learning, performance tools, performance requirements