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7 Use Cases of Service Virtualization

White Paper Published By: CA Technologies
CA Technologies
Published:  Jun 03, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

Are dev and test constraints holding back your digital transformation?

Today, just about all businesses are scrambling to add digital components to their products and services with the hopes of capturing—and maintaining—the interest of an increasingly demanding customer base. As you undergo this digital transformation, your IT teams face tremendous pressure to not only develop innovative new experiences, but do so at an accelerated rate—lest competitors beat you to market with the next big thing.

Take a new approach to solving the familiar challenge of doing more with less—and doing it faster than ever before -- remove the constraints holding you back.

At its core, Service Virtualization is all about removing constraints within the SDLC by simulating dependent systems, services and behaviors. In order to understand the true depth and breadth of this concept, however, it helps to see how Service Virtualization can be utilized in different development scenarios.

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