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Catalyst for Change in Government Health and Social Programs

Webinar Published By: IBM
Published:  Jun 09, 2015
Type:  Webinar

In this webcast we will explore how you can deliver services and improve outcomes for your citizens through cross program care coordination and collaboration. This coordination and collaboration is enabled by the extensive use of data, resources and a single view of the citizen which in turn helps improve decision-making, problem-solving and program implementation.

Hear from experts on the:

  • Current landscape of health and social programs; the rising cost of care for high risk-populations and new policies and models for service delivery that are emerging
  • Best practices from real agency examples and submissions


  • Lisa Mattivi, Managing Director of the California Public Sector Integrated Account
  • Paul Dommel, Global Lead for Government Health and Social Programs, IBM Government Industry
  • Mary Sara Jones, Associate Partner, Social Services & Government Healthcare, Global Government Center for Competence, IBM
  • Carrie Hoff, Assistant Deputy Director, Program Manager, Knowledge Integration Program, County of San Diego
  • Lana I. Earle, Deputy Director, New York State Department of Health

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