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Data Masking Reinvented

White Paper Published By: Delphix
Published:  May 03, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

Data security is a top concern these days. In a world of privacy regulation, intellectual property theft, and cybercrime, ensuring data security and protecting sensitive enterprise data is crucial.

Only a data masking solution can secure vital data and enable outsourcing, third-party analysis, and cloud deployments. But more often than not, masking projects fail. Some of the best data masking tools bottleneck processes and once masked, data is hard to move and manage across the application development lifecycle.

Unlike existing standalone masking solutions on the market, Delphix combines masking with virtualization to secure and deliver sensitive data on-demand. Delphix easily provides:

  • Masking of sensitive data allowing authorized users access to sensitive data while preventing unauthorized access
  • Rapid delivery of masked data across application landscapes: on premise, offsite, and in the cloud in minutes, regardless of data size
  • Ship system-spanning masked data across sites, to third parties, and into the cloud, with minimal network footprint

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