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DIY Is DOA: Cybersecurity Moves Toward Hybrid Models

White Paper Published By: Secureworks
Published:  Nov 11, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

Information security has always been complex and technically challenging. But the increasing borderlessness of cloud-and-mobile-enabled organisations in the last 10 years has exponentially multiplied that challenge. More recently, what’s at stake has risen dramatically as very public cybersecurity breaches have damaged the reputation of trusted brands that possess our personal information. CIOs, CISOs and CEOs are being fired; board members are being sued. 

This paper explores why the older “all or nothing” kind of relationship between business organisations and information security services providers (ISSPs) is giving way to a hybrid model that security professionals can leverage to augment their operations and effectiveness.

Tags : 
managed security services, cybersecurity, issps, security, threat and vulnerability management