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Pro-Recruiter Tips for Hiring a Growing Workforce

White Paper Published By: iCims
Published:  Jan 24, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

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A growing business is usually a good thing, but for talent acquisition teams, growth on a large scale can pose some unique recruiting challenges. Thatís because rapid expansion can confront talent acquisition with the need to ensure that as the company grows, quality of hire doesnít shrink.

Thatís why companies that have grown into multi-national corporations, have reached the 1,000+ employee mark, or are opening new branches across the country may be well-served to reassess their recruiting strategies, to be sure they have the best possible framework in place to support ongoing growth. When armed with the right approaches, talent acquisition teams can be confident that whether the company tops the Fortune 500 list or opens up an office in Asia, theyíre ready and able to keep making quality hires. And with consideration to our key pro tips, even individual recruiters can help build a solid, scalable framework for long-term hiring success.

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