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Identify any cable or component: a free guide book download

White Paper Published By: Brady Corporation
Brady Corporation
Published:  Mar 30, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  52 pages

In the Rail Vehicle Manufacturing any identifying label, marker or tag has to withstand aggressive solvents such as diesel without suffering losses in visibility or readability. Wide ranges of operating temperatures add to the demand for highly resistant identification products on wires and components in the Mass Transit Industry.

Brady develops tailored high-performance solutions, fully answering the requirements in Mass Transit. During development, Brady products are thoroughly tested, until they meet all requirements and specifications of the most advanced mass transit vehicle manufacturers. Brady takes special pride in making sure identifying labels and safety signs will always play their maximum role in safety precautions, resisting solvents and withstanding wide ranges of temperatures.

See 20+ examples where high-performance identification makes the difference!

As an installation professional you know what a nightmare unidentified cables & components can be.  Professional identification labels take away this frustration and increase your job efficiency. We developed a free identification guide book ‘Identify any Cable & Component’: a great tool to select the best professional identification label for your needs!

With Brady’s Cable & Component Identification Labels, you can install  faster, lower the risk of mistakes, spend less time on maintenance diagnostics, reduce the cost of downtime and create a safer workplace. Brady has a label material for every application in the most versatile offer on the market.

Download the free guide book!

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