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B2B Telemarketing: Generate More Leads and Close More Sales

White Paper Published By: The Mx Group
The Mx Group
Published:  Jul 12, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  14 pages

As the number of tactics available to marketers has multiplied, it has become
harder and harder for many to determine where they should focus their resources.
Digital marketing, in particular, is becoming increasingly sophisticated and offers
opportunities for highly targeted and effective campaigns.
But as B2B marketers are designing integrated programs, many overlook a tactic
that has successfully generated leads and closed sales for decades: telemarketing.
Strategically deploying telemarketing to enhance engagement, nurture prospects
and improve your data can make the difference between revenue that goes to
your bottom line and revenue that goes out the door.
This kind of direct, one-to-one communication has a natural connection with the
B2B world, a field built around relationships and tightly targeted audiences.

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digital marketing, telemarketing, lead generation, sales, engagement