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Manufacturers—Unlock the Hidden Potential in Your Plant

White Paper Published By: Epicor
Published:  Aug 01, 2017
Type:  White Paper

Your plant has hidden potential to reveal if you have the right tools to uncover it. There’s no shortage of obstacles standing between manufacturers and business goals. Today’s manufacturers are looking to increase productivity, assure factory uptime, and keep up with the changing manufacturing landscape. When you combine an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a manufacturing execution system (MES), you’ll find these goals become more achievable because the technology is designed to simplify the modern manufacturing enterprise. A holistic MES system can yield fantastic results to the factory struggling to compete and meet customer demands. Consider:

  • Uptime—whenever your factory is at a standstill, it’s a hit to employee productivity and company profits, plus extended downtime can damage customer relationships
  • Data—relying on incomplete or inaccurate manual data collection processes to make important decisions leaves you prone to errors and slower to react to performance and productivity trends
  • Visibility—with clearer insight into all facets of your business, you can respond to operational data immediately to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and capacity, reduce scrap, and improve product quality

With Epicor® Mattec® MES™ software—designed to increase efficiency and capacity—you can unlock the hidden potential in your manufacturing facility. Operate more efficiently and flexibly. Reduce waste and become leaner and more efficient. Most importantly, the Mattec MES solution can help you keep pace with the changing competitive environment.

Read the Epicor eBook, Harness the Power of MES, to learn more about how technology can help your business streamline, compete, and grow.

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