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Patient Safety – It All Starts with Positive Patient Identity

White Paper Published By: Zebra Technologies
Zebra Technologies
Published:  Dec 20, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  10 pages

Delivering the best possible care to every patient is a complex, interconnected process that involves every department in a healthcare facility. From the moment a patient enters a  facility, a wide range of activities must be performed by many different employees from different functional areas — in a timely and efficient way—to ensure the best possible outcome, including performing tests, collecting specimens, administering medications and delivering treatments. Each one of these activities must be coordinated and documented as part of an overall care plan. But the first step is making sure clinicians are treating the right patient—in the right way—every time.


Zebra’s white paper explores the critical impact positive patient identification (PPID) has on patient safety throughout the administrative, diagnostic and treatment phases of a patient’s stay. The paper also explores how PPID can improve staff efficiency and help healthcare organizations meet the needs of changing patient demographics in an increasingly competitive labor market.

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