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Still Risking Your Business on a Paper Bound Book?

White Paper Published By: Epicor
Published:  Jul 10, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

In today’s competitive market, FFLs often have inadequate tools that are hindering their growth, or are often sold software rather than solutions to their ATF compliance needs—leaving them confused and less compliant than before.  Fortunately, it just got easier to streamline compliance processes and keep your Bound Book up-to-date.

Get the facts in a quick-reading guide from the FFL Operations experts at Orchid Advisors and the software experts at Epicor. Learn how firearms businesses like yours are using cloud technology to keep their bound book to date, making compliance tasks much simpler and more cost effective. Read the eGuide to learn:

  • Why the ATF changed its rules in 2016 and how you take advantage of it
  • Practical tips for moving your Bound Book to the cloud, stress-free
  • How to quickly log firearms transactions and package compliance reports on demand and review activity with dashboards to support ATF inspections
  • How FFL’s can relieve audit stress thanks to easy access to data and on-demand, ATF-friendly reporting

Discover how an Online Bound Book can ease operations and ATF compliance so FFL’s can focus what really matters - running a more compliant, efficient, and profitable operation.

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