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Webinars vs. Web Conferencing: What Tool is Best for You?

White Paper Published By: PGi
Published:  Oct 01, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  11 pages

You wouldn’t hold a critical investor call, customer event or shareholder’s meeting in your office bullpen. So why would you host an important virtual event on a platform intended to support small-group collaboration and teamwork?

Frost & Sullivan research shows that two-thirds of companies use web conferencing on a regular basis for project collaboration. We also know that more and more of them are turning to the same solutions to host webinars for critical internal and external events. While web conferencing solutions can be used to support large-group or strategically important meetings, webinar technology is designed specifically for that purpose and will almost always deliver a better experience and a higher return on investment. Webinar tools deliver a wealth of features to help companies gain better insights into attendee sentiment for better investor relations, employee and customer experience, and lead generation and qualification:

  • Integrated video draws higher levels of interest and engagement.
  • Custom registration pages offer ranked data on prospect demographics.
  • Social media integration gives content marketers new avenues to promote their events and learn more
  • about attendees.
  • Automated invites, alerts and follow-up activities generate a trail of engagement and provide data on an
  • attendee’s level of interest.
  • Polls and surveys give hosts explicit details about participants’ needs, preferences and plans.
  • Built-in links and attachments offer additional entry points and opportunities for follow-up.

So, how do you know when to use a web conferencing tool and when to trust your meeting to a more robust, full featured service?

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