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eBook: Is 3D Scanning Right for Your Inspection Needs?

White Paper Published By: 3D Systems
3D Systems
Published:  Feb 28, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  18 pages

Combining the right people, hardware, and software to ensure quality everywhere.

Quality and reliability matter more than ever. In todayís hypercompetitive environment, companies canít afford to lag behind when it comes to the quality of their products. And management canít lag behind when it comes to adopting new tools and technologies to ensure quality everywhere.

Over the past two decades, 3D scanning has become a crucial tool in many manufacturersí measurement and inspection arsenals. Itís an effective metrology technique that is trusted
for its accuracy, reliability, speed, and ease of use. Its noncontact nature and exceptional flexibility make it ideal for measuring a wide range of parts in a wide range of places.

An effective approach to 3D scanning requires matching the right people with the right hardware and the right software to best meet your companyís measurement needs.

This eBook will help you determine if 3D scanning is right for your inspection needs, and if it is, how best to go about implementing the technology in your business.

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