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LogMeIn 2018 AI Customer Experience Report: Impact of Chatbots and AI on the Customer Journey

White Paper Published By: LogMeIn
Published:  Apr 23, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  21 pages

71% of businesses believe online chat with either a human agent or a chatbot will be among the most common channels used by customers in three years’ time.

Today, organizations are having a hard time keeping up with the ever-changing demands of their customers. Customer experience is emerging as one of the key factors in whether a customer will go from a one-time transactional buyer to a long-term brand advocate. These factors largely depend on how quickly and easily issues are resolved and how valued a customer feels. To compound these challenges, agents are struggling to cope with the volume of enquiries that they are having to deal with and disconnected antiquated systems.

These struggles, which companies are aware of, don’t seem to be translating into action. Customers are reporting fairly average experiences across the board, while companies are operating in a different reality. Customers are evolving and the technology that companies use to support their customers’ needs to evolve along with them. We see traditional channels of engagement – while still widely popular
– becoming superseded as customers get more used to modern forms of communication.

While organizations are already taking steps towards modernizing how they service customers, investing in the correct technology is going to be vital. Emerging technologies, like AI-powered chatbots are helping organizations provide quicker resolutions and simplify the job of a customer service agent. The symbiotic relationship between human agents and technology is critical to success. While speed is important, it’s equally important to not lose the human touch that many customers still want. 

Being able to balance speed and personalization will lead to increased customer satisfaction levels as well as the reputational benefits that follow. Now is the time for organizations to get ahead of the CX challenge before they get left behind.

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