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The DNA of an A+ Sales Organization

Webinar Published By: Pros, Inc
Pros, Inc
Published:  May 03, 2019
Type:  Webinar

The world of selling is evolving, and the advent of digital platforms has changed the way in which buyers interact with sellers.  Sales teams are struggling to sell in this fast and competitive environment and this is evident by the fact that the number of sales people that hit their quota has dropped over time.  As a sales leader, it痴 time to rethink your sales strategy.  In this webinar, we値l discuss sales strategies and practical insights you can implement to develop sales teams which can outperform in any dynamic market environment.  We値l walk through sales enablement practices and coaching tactics which will help to optimize your sales methodologies.  We値l also discuss sales tools with great ROI which can help increase your sales productivity and accelerate your sales velocity.  During this segment, we値l specifically focus on quote-to-cash technologies and discuss the rising importance of AI-based pricing optimization to streamline and accelerate your sales process. 

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