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How Trupanion Became an AI-driven Company for Pets

Webinar Published By: AWS
Published:  Jul 24, 2019
Type:  Webinar

Trupanion, a Seattle-based medical insurance provider for cats and dogs, needed to find data insights quickly. With only 1% of pet owners insured, the process of evaluating a claim to approve or deny payment was manual and time-consuming. Building accurate predictive models for decision-making required manpower, time, and technology that the small company simply did not have. 

DataRobot Cloud, built on AWS, helped Trupanion create an automated method for building data models using machine learning that reduced the time required to process claims from minutes to seconds. Join our webinar to hear how Trupanion transformed itself into an AI-driven organization, with robust data analysis and data science project prototyping that empowered the company to make better decisions and optimize business processes in less time and at a reduced cost. 

Join our webinar to learn:
  • Why you donít need to be an expert in data science to create accurate predictive models.
  • How you can build and deploy predictive models in less time on AWS.
  • How to take full advantage of AI and machine learning to make better predictions faster and improve your bottom line.
When: Available On Demand (please register to view)

Who Should Attend:
C-Level Officers, Business Decision Makers, Data Science Professionals, and Data Analysts are encouraged to attend this webinar.

AWS Speaker: Chris Burns, Solutions Architect
DataRobot Speaker: Yong Kim, Customer Facing Data Scientist 
Customer Speaker: David Jaw, Data Scientist, Trupanion

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