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Conversational Unified Communications

White Paper Published By: Spectrum Enterprise
Spectrum Enterprise
Published:  Aug 22, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  28 pages

Hello, greetings, and welcome to Conversational Unified Communications. Iím Brien Posey. For those of you who donít know me, I am a long time Conversational Geek author, and 17-time Microsoft MVP. My professional background is in both IT and in commercial astronautics. Itís an odd combination for sure. I sometimes find myself setting up virtual machines on one day, and being strapped into a space capsule the next day (seriously). Thankfully, Peter, Nick, and the rest of the folks at Conversational Geek have embraced my unorthodox (dare I say eccentric) career choices and have allowed me to author books on subjects ranging from the cloud computing to real life rocket science. I would like to personally invite you to go to ConversationalGeek.com and check out some of these other books.

In this book, I want to talk about unified communications. Those of you who follow my work may recall that back in 2009 I wrote another book about unified communications called Brien Poseyís Guide to Practical Telecommuting (http://brienposey.com/book/brien-poseys-guide-to practicaltelecommuting- self-published-2009). That book was nearly 700 pages Ė and thatís the problem. Unified communications systems are complicated Ė more so than most people realize.

Phone systems use hardware, software, and protocols that are completely different from those used in general purpose IT networking. The first time that I ever had to program a phone switch, I felt completely lost in spite of having years of IT experience under my belt. As if telephony were not complex enough, creating a unified communications system means deploying additional protocols, which are required to bridge the communications gap between telephony systems and IT systems.

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