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Comparing Security Across The Three Main Cloud Providers

White Paper Published By: CloudHealth by VMware
CloudHealth by VMware
Published:  Sep 05, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  15 pages

Both the speed of innovation and the uniqueness of cloud technology is forcing security teams everywhere to rethink classic security concepts and processes. In order to keep their cloud environment secure, businesses are implementing new security strategies that address the distributed nature of cloud infrastructure.

Security in the cloud involves policies, procedures, controls, and technologies working together to protect your cloud resources, which includes stored data, deployed applications, and more. But how do you know which cloud service provider offers the best security services? And what do you do if you’re working on improving security for a hybrid or multicloud environment?

This ebook provides a security comparison across the three main public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With insight from leading cloud experts, we also analyze the differences between security in the cloud and on-premises infrastructure, debunk common myths about security, and offer best practices you should be taking advantage of to ensure your cloud environment is safe.

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