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Defining Revenue Operations The Essential Guide to Getting Started

White Paper Published By: LeanData
Published:  Nov 07, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  15 pages

There has been an exciting revolution that is changing the landscape for businesses far and wide. The advancement of marketing and sales technology has enabled businesses to work at the speed of life. But with the rapidly moving technology space, organizations are finding that they’ve built such robust tech stacks that it’s time to re-evaluate just how well their technology is working for them—as opposed to against.

With many internal organizations across marketing, sales, and customer success reporting their team’s tech stack consists of 30 or more tools, we are realizing there is a wealth of untapped data at our fingertips. Many have overlooked the role people, process, and data play in maximizing the returns technology can yield.

Revenue Operations is a way to bridge gaps between siloed organizations. It is about marketing, sales, customer success, and partner ops teams working better together. This guide is dedicated to exploring the emergence of Revenue Ops, its influence on different roles, how to adopt a framework for success, and how all of these changes help accelerate revenue growth.

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