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Gartner Critical Capabilities Report

White Paper Published By: MicroStrategy
Published:  Nov 08, 2019
Type:  White Paper

A&BI platforms are transitioning from delivering simple, manual self-service to supporting more advanced, automated analytic use cases via growing, augmented, ML-driven capabilities. Data and analytics leaders should enable broader use cases to increase their investments’ business impact.

  • Analytics and business intelligence (A&BI) platforms exhibit differences in functional capabilities, particularly in their support for advanced analytics, data source connectivity and embedded functionality.
  • As the market matures, the capabilities required to build and deliver user-friendly analytics dashboards are the least differentiated.
  • The trend toward assisting users with augmented data discovery functionality continues, but many products still lack enough support for this critical capability.
  • When viewed across the whole span of capabilities, significant differences remain between competing platforms and, therefore, also between which are most appropriate for a given use case. In some cases, this is a reflection of the strategies adopted by vendors to target particular use cases or differences in product maturity.

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