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Secure Cloud Transformation

White Paper Published By: Menlo Security
Menlo Security
Published:  Nov 11, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

Secure Cloud Transformation: Adopt SaaS applications and Manage Large Increases in Traffic Volumes without Sacrificing Security

Traditional cybersecurity solutions continue to use outdated and ineffective detect-and-respond strategies—a risky security approach for organizations moving critical business systems to the cloud. Menlo Security sees enterprises transforming their infrastructure driven by the adoption of SaaS. The adoption of SaaS is happening faster than people anticipated in the average enterprise. Secure cloud transformation is about how you can take control of this sea change and undertake the transformation on your terms.

Read “Secure Cloud Transformation” to Learn:

- Why security has moved to the cloud yet has failed to adapt to the changing cloud paradigm
- How a cloud security platform powered by isolation fundamentally changes the way organizations protect users
- The top four requirements of a cloud-based security platform

It’s clear that security isn’t keeping up with cloud transformation. It’s time to close the gap and protect your users from web and email cyberattacks as they migrate to using SaaS applications.

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