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A Call to Action to Protect Citizens, The Private Sector, and Governments

White Paper Published By: AWS
Published:  Dec 03, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  31 pages

Information and Communications technologies have revolutionized our way of life and have driven economic and industrial development to the point where we have become highly dependent on cyberspace. Our way of communicating, interacting, pursuing education and even how we purchase items has been transformed with the growing penetration of digitalization which has changed our habits and behaviors. These digital transformation processes have also impacted the public and private sector, to such an extent that any productive process or public service for citizens cannot be conceived without an intensive use of technologies.

While this scenario creates great opportunities for the economy, industry and society, it is not without new risks and threats. Cyberspace has become a great interest area for criminals and terrorists who can take advantage of the anonymity provided by the Internet and the lack of homogeneity in national and international laws, to act with impunity.

In this environment of enormous opportunities, governments must act by establishing the legal, technical and organizational conditions for their citizens, companies and public institutions to take full advantage of the possibilities of this digital reality, with the confidence to be reasonably safe. This document aims to help identify the fundamental elements on which to support the construction of a secure digital environment that will serve the social and economic development of nations.

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