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Virtualized RAN: 4G/5G Strategies, Opportunities and Pitfalls

White Paper Published By: Red Hat APAC
Red Hat APAC
Published:  Apr 08, 2020
Type:  White Paper
Length:  25 pages

Are operators virtualizing their RAN? When, and with what goals in mind? Heavy Reading surveyed over 80 global operators to gain their perspective on deploying virtualized RAN solutions. 

We focus on vRAN deployment opportunities and challenges; how existing 4G RAN infrastructure and planned 5G implementations influence deployment, and how emerging container and cloud native technologies impact vRAN plans. We also examine how the operators' desire to avoid vendor lock-in may require evolving platform solutions to simplify managing and integrating multi-vendor VNFs in an NFV environment.

Key topics include:

- The VNFs operators are implementing today
- Their plans for vRAN deployment
- How these plans vary in relative to 4G and 5G roll-out
- The choices operators are making in terms of vertical versus horizontal solutions
- How the move to cloud native and containers will impact vRAN implementation.

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