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Precision Medicine - Creating value for Everyone

White Paper Published By: Medidata
Published:  May 15, 2020
Type:  White Paper
Length:  26 pages

In the race to transform customer value through technology, the healthcare sector has traditionally been an also-ran. Precision medicine may be changing the game. Its visionaries hope that it will bring us ever closer to a world where you can take one pill for all your customized medications, and control it with your smartphone; where an app that integrates everything from your molecular makeup to your sleep patterns to your postcode can show you exactly what diseases you face, when they will occur and how you can avert them; and where gene editing is making serious diseases with no known cures a thing of  the past.

Precision medicine has the potential to upend our very conception of healthcare. Itís changing the focus from treating disease to maintaining health, and from episodic care to continuous vigilance. Itís turning passive patients into proactive participants in their own healthcare. And itís replacing trial-and-error approaches based on population averages with more accurate diagnoses and targeted therapies.

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