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Published By: Naviga Global - 1H 2020 - Q1-20     Published Date: Jan 13, 2020
"To grow in today's changing market, it's not enough for media and publishers to produce relevant, engaging content. Audiences also want 24/7 access to their content, and they want it in their preferred format. But figuring out how to create and deliver content at scale while keeping production costs reasonable can be challenging (and overwhelming), especially for those starting from scratch. In this paper, industry experts weigh in on: ? Why the creation and delivery of versatile content is foundational to increasing audience engagement ? How modernizing content production and delivery methods streamlines processes and impacts your bottom line ? Actionable steps you can take now in order to future-proof their business "
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Naviga Global - 1H 2020 - Q1-20
Published By: Inkling     Published Date: Aug 14, 2014
Learn the latest best practices for ensuring digital content quality at scale and across outputs.
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inkling, content creation, content quality, digital content quality, digital content formats. editing, publishing, content production methods, content quality at scale

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