endpoint proliferation

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Published By: MalwareBytes EMEA     Published Date: Nov 20, 2019
Digital transformation has revolutionized the way businesses operate, providing a foundational shift in how they meet market demands and deliver value to customers. At the same time, it has created an explosion of data and endpoints, with the proliferation of mobile and IoT devices. Both require vigilant...
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digital enterprise, cyber resilient, explosion of data
MalwareBytes EMEA
Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Nov 17, 2014
Modern data centers have and continue to undergo transformation. Driven by familiar trends, green IT, endpoint growth, externalization, and increased resource requirements, modern data centers support more services, users, and data than ever before. The potential of new risks to the modern data center demands renewed attention to data center security. Data center architects must build in proper security controls, and policies and processes to address and mitigate these new risks.
Tags : 
endpoint proliferation, ids, ips, externalization, cisco, networking, security, software development, it management, business technology

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