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Published By: Rackspace     Published Date: Jan 29, 2020
Getting cloud migration projects over the line has become much harder due to the fact that signoff is now the domain of all or several functions of the business. From HR and sales to marketing and finance, there are many approvals to orchestrate. And thatís because IT strategy is now business strategy. IT impacts reach far and wide. Therefore, itís imperative for a larger pool of business leaders to understand the technologies they adopt, which means the number of influencers and decision makers for IT projects has grown, too. Our assessment pack provides depth around the various questions you need to ask and steps to take, to place IT firmly on the front foot. Included are three assessment scorecards to help you understand how you rate in terms of preparedness for your cloud migration strategy across a range of stakeholders. See how you stack up with your current plans and identify areas where you could improve your strategy to align with their own thought process.
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Published By: Crowdtap     Published Date: Jul 03, 2012
New from Crowdtap, learn why influence is the hottest topic in marketing and social media. We'll show you how to tap your brand's peer influencers to drive advocacy and boost word-of-mouth online and off with 5 Keys to Success in Influencer Marketing.
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