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Published By: Tableau     Published Date: Feb 07, 2020
Providing organizations with reliable data for better decision-making is an undertaking that has not fundamentally changed in decades. Despite massive technology advances and new tactics, the IT organization managing data infrastructure today still has the same overall mission: moving data from its moment of creation and making it accessible and understandable by decision-makers at the moment of need. However, while the objective has stayed the same, the obstacles to successfully create and maintain a source of analytical truth within a business have become exponentially more difficult.
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Published By: HERE Technologies     Published Date: Jan 23, 2020
Explore Digital twins, smart cities and urban modeling From the increasing demands of citizens, to resilience and sustainability requirements, cities are looking for multi-point, fundamental solutions and key technologies to better address the many issues they are facing. Digital twins and urban models not only help optimize the design, planning, construction and operation of urban infrastructure, but they also excel as predictive models for flooding, traffic, energy generation, and consumption patterns. Access the latest analyst paper by ABI Research and HERE Technologies, Digital twins, smart cities and urban modeling, as it details: • The relevance of digital twins for smart cities • Definitions and types of models • Modeling technologies, techniques and use cases • Benefits and challenges of digital twins and urban models for cities • Short- and long-term forecasts
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HERE Technologies
Published By: Cisco Umbrella EMEA     Published Date: Feb 11, 2020
Employees in every industry are expected to work quickly, but they’re often frustrated by company-issued apps. As a result, they’re downloading personal apps to get the job done instead of using secure, enterprise-approved tools. It’s called shadow IT, and it’s gaining traction fast.
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Cisco Umbrella EMEA
Published By: Lenovo     Published Date: Jan 22, 2020
L'évolution de vos modes de travail vise-t-elle à apaiser certaines « angoisses de l'automatisation » ? Ou est-elle l'expression d'une réelle volonté de faire émerger une nouvelle culture du travail ? Issu d'une récente étude Forrester pour Lenovo et Intel®, ce rapport met en évidence les écarts entre attentes des salariés et réalités de la vie professionnelle, alors que les employeurs tentent de se mettre à la page. Des éclairages indispensables à l'heure où l'expérience collaborateur influe directement sur les performances et l'efficacité des entreprises. Lire l'eBook
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Published By: Lenovo     Published Date: Jan 22, 2020
Handeln Sie aus „Automatisierungsangst“ oder ist die Modernisierung Ihrer Arbeitsumgebung eine geplante Reaktion auf die sich ändernde Arbeitskultur? Dieses E-Book basiert auf einer Forrester-Studie, die im Auftrag von Lenovo und Intel® durchgeführt wurde. Es zeigt, wo Lücken zwischen den Erwartungen der Mitarbeiter und der Realität am Arbeitsplatz entstehen können, wenn Unternehmen versuchen, ihre Arbeitsumgebung zu modernisieren. Das ist wichtig, denn die Mitarbeitererfahrung wirkt sich direkt auf die Effizienz und damit auf die Geschäftsergebnisse aus. Zum E-Book
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Published By: FM Global     Published Date: Jan 02, 2020
Cyberattacks are expensive and prevalent. The average cost of a cyber-data breach rose to US$7.5 million in 2018, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Since it's your job to understand and quantify the financial risk of a cyberattack – in fact, it's the number-one thing you must know – we’ll help you break it down in this white paper. Let’s begin with three truths for 21st-century CFOs: Your company will likely be attacked. If an attack is successful, the total financial loss could outstrip even the best insurance. The cost of major security improvements pales next to the potential total financial loss.
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FM Global
Published By: Entrust Datacard     Published Date: Feb 10, 2020
At Entrust Datacard®, we take great pride in our ability to offer instant issuance insights learned over several decades. I believe our experience — not to mention our world-class solution, support and services — can help your bank grow into a better, stronger, more sought-after brand. The truth is, no other company knows more about instant issuance than we do. After all, Entrust Datacard inspired the idea more than a quarter century ago. We continue investing in improvements and innovations that will put instant issuance in line with the rest of the managed services world. In our experience working with financial institutions across the globe, we’ve learned how to refine instant issuance to better adapt to the digital environment and the ever-evolving industry. It isn’t an exaggeration to suggest that, when done right, instant issuance can indeed make you a hero in the eyes of your bank customers and credit union members. Any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly.
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Entrust Datacard
Published By: VeriShip     Published Date: Feb 04, 2020
“VeriShip really allows us to monitor the health of our spend and relationship with carriers in terms of where we’re spending and what we’re seeing in terms of surcharges. We recently had an issue with inflated weights that were creating spikes of $10,000 or more in a single month. We could see it and fix it right away with VeriShip.” – Thomas Gainey, Senior Vice President of Operations at SimpleTire SimpleTire manages 1.2 million shipments each year, connecting customers with thousands of independent tire distributors and installation centers across the country. VeriShip’s audit, insights and payment solutions helped SimpleTire recover or avoid $1.4 million in shipping fees through improved visibility and predictive analytics. See how you can save up to 30% on automotive shipping with VeriShip’s expense optimization platform. Download our free case study to learn more.
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Published By: AppZen     Published Date: Feb 14, 2020
Problems inevitably pop up in even the most buttoned-up AP process, from fraud, to duplicate payments, to unmatched orders, to late payments, and more. Whether these issues are occasional or endemic, the unfortunate truth is that they’re costing your company money (often a whole lot of money) that can be difficult if not impossible to get back. Download our whitepaper to learn how AI helps finance teams manage the AP process more efficiently.
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Published By: Adobe     Published Date: Feb 17, 2020
Companies across EMEA poised to seize the CX initiative The 10th annual Digital Trends report from Econsultancy and Adobe shows that organisations across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) have embraced the idea that their growth is linked to their ability to manage and improve the customer experience (CX). CX experience optimisation is seen as the number one opportunity for EMEA companies in 2020, as business leaders see their ability to deliver rich, effortless experiences as a commercial necessity. This research looks at how EMEA, as a whole, compares to North America and Asia Pacifi c (APAC) in the context of digital trends and opportunities, while also comparing the survey results for some key European markets, including the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the Nordics. And it explores some of the fundamental issues facing business leaders across EMEA today, from CX confi dence to digital priorities such as data-driven marketing personalisation and AI.
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Published By: Infosys Finacle     Published Date: Jan 30, 2020
This IDC MarketScape assesses seven IT software providers in the corporate banking arena during a changing era. Profitability at corporate banks is under threat from niche service providers and because return on equity remains strained. Meanwhile, costs are high due to ongoing regulatory and legacy IT issues. Vendor participants must be able to help corporate banks digitally transform to meet these challenges and the needs of their clients for a better, more efficient, and data-centric operation where fees can be charged for value-adding information, rather than just transactions.
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Infosys Finacle
Published By: Genesys     Published Date: Jan 13, 2020
Seasonal surges in capacity, while difficult, are par for the course for most businesses. And while there’s no way to fully standardize your business levels, you can manage changes—with proper planning. Most businesses experience this to one degree or another, however some organizations are faced with fewer resources to expand and contract with ease. Seasonal capacity issues can vary throughout the year and aren’t strictly limited to holidays, though that is a common catalyst for capacity concerns. To overcome these problems, first look at your historical data and identify the peaks and valleys that your company experiences. Plan staffing out from there and then focus on the trickier issues that go beyond normal business fluctuations. In this ebook, you’ll learn: How to solve staffing issues to handle your baseline volume How to overcome outdated technology that causes bad experiences Understand the best tools to solve seasonal capacity issues
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Published By: Simba by Magnitude     Published Date: Jan 28, 2020
Despite the thousands of MarTech solutions available today, we’re still missing a comprehensive, connected view of our marketing data. Imagine if we could connect the dots. You know you don’t have the fully integrated picture of your marketing data, but how do you troubleshoot, whom and what should you ask? Here’s a check list of questions and exercises to help you discover your data and process bottlenecks. Are you ready?
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Simba by Magnitude
Published By: ASG Software Solutions     Published Date: Jul 27, 2009
To meet the challenges of intense competition and increasing customer demands, companies must tightly align their IT service management with business issues and priorities. This paper outlines the maturity steps involved in the progression towards proactive Business Service Management (BSM) and explains how ASG's metaCMDB helps secure its seamless adoption.
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asg, cmdb, bsm, itil, bsm, metacmdb, configuration management, metadata
ASG Software Solutions
Published By: Nuance Communications     Published Date: Jun 17, 2009
The response to possible bank card fraud is one of the most important factors affecting the relationship that customers have with their bank. For customer-centric financial institutions who issue millions of bank cards, any instance of possible fraud is both a business risk to be managed and an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships.
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nuance, retail banking, fraud, identify, contact, theft, outbound, business risk
Nuance Communications
Published By: Mimecast     Published Date: Mar 01, 2010
How should you handle your growing email archiving issues? According to ESG (Enterprise Storage Group), the number of organizations using a SaaS-based email archiving solution has increased 350% in the past three years. It's not a question of if you should archive email, but how - and, the evolution of SaaS solutions makes sense to move email management to the cloud for a broader range of organizations.
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mimecast, saas, email archiving, esg
Published By: 123Together     Published Date: Dec 04, 2008
Microsoft Exchange Server has been a crucial technological breakthrough in advanced corporate communication systems. Companies who utilize an enterprise-class email server like Exchange believe that email is mission critical, and value the productivity it enables. But an in-house migration to Exchange 2007 from an earlier version of Exchange or another email program will not be an easy task. Complexity, time and cost issues loom large over the IT department and are causing IT directors to search for an alternative solution.
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123together, it strategies, contact management, email, economy, stability, collaboration, green it
Published By: Big Bang LLC     Published Date: May 31, 2012
Cost-effective and fully automated device driver management for Microsoft SCCM with the Universal Imaging Utility System Deploy Plug-in. The UIUSD completely eliminates the need for SCCM admins to manage and package drivers.
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Big Bang LLC
Published By: Decca Consulting LLC     Published Date: Sep 14, 2012
Most Companies Have an Issue with Talent Acquisition and Retention. This can be overcome by working with the right Staffing Company who will understand your need and work at a reasonable cost tailored to fit your budget.
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Decca Consulting LLC
Published By: Ability Commerce     Published Date: May 18, 2009
eCommerce Marketers who want to exploit the full potential of e-mail should develop plans to consistently grow their permission-based e-mail lists of customers and prospects. This allows them to build loyalty and promote cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
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ability commerce, seo, roi, pci, emarketing, email marketing, email acquisition, ecommerce
Ability Commerce
Published By: MissionMode     Published Date: Jun 20, 2012
A new way to streamline crisis management and focus on the key aspects of crisis response.
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Published By: SAP     Published Date: Mar 09, 2017
In April 2016, SAP commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how enterprises are taking advantage of IoT, how IoT fits into broader digital transformation initiatives, and the role of immediate insights in realizing the benefits that IoT can deliver.
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Published By: Entrust Datacard     Published Date: Nov 15, 2017
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Entrust Datacard
Published By: Dell APAC     Published Date: Nov 20, 2019
Organizations realize the time is now to move to a new deployment model. Digital transformation and proliferation of devices have put IT departments in the spotlight: They must move away from being linear, traditional controllers and evolve into modern transformers that are agile, flexible, and employee centric. PC-as-a-service (PCaaS) has emerged as the go-to model for IT because of the level of automation, efficiency, and employee empowerment it offers. None of this can be accomplished without a competent business partner that underpins the new customized, deployment model. In February 2019, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate employee experience and enterprise computing. Forrester conducted an online survey with 1,186 IT leaders across the globe to understand current PC lifecycle management deployment models.
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Published By: Dell APAC     Published Date: May 16, 2019
"Dell and its partners provide a range of solutions that enable their customers to transform the capabilities of the workforce. Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) study and examine the potential benefits and costs enterprises may realize by deploying three key Workforce Enablement Solutions, namely: › Best device experience: a hardware policy combining the choice of a range of Dell PCs, tablets, and peripherals with rapid configuration and delivery. › Unified endpoint management (UEM): an integrated approach to managing mobile devices, PCs. and other workstation technologies. In this case study, implementations of Workspace ONE, VMware’s UEM solution, have been assessed. › Enterprise collaboration: includes capabilities such as messaging, conferencing, document sharing, and business use of social media. In this case study the collaboration elements of Microsoft Office 365, namely OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Skype for Business, and Yammer
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