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Published By: Swimlane     Published Date: Dec 26, 2019
Efficiently manage your growing volume of security alerts. Platform preferences vary, but there are certain capabilities SOAR solutions should embody. This free e-book reviews the requirements for success. Download this 15-page e-book to see how Swimlane's SOAR platform meets and exceeds the criteria for effective security automation and orchestration. You will learn: Benefits of SOAR Requirements of SOAR Understanding SOAR vs. SIEM Security orchestration Workflow automation API-first architecture Importance of usability Value of Swimlane
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Published By: Schneider Electric     Published Date: Jan 09, 2020
The utility industry is under pressure to improve substation automation cyber security. Manufacturers of substation products use proprietary or product-specific methodologies for managing device security. As a result, standardization and ease of management of these devices is lacking. This paper reviews processes and procedures for securing a substation, offers advice for overcoming substation asset management challenges, and describes some of the tools available.
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Schneider Electric
Published By: Schneider Electric     Published Date: Jan 09, 2020
IIoT concepts are transforming the Oil & Gas industry business model in fast and dramatic ways as a result of three key factors: The cost of connected sensors has plummeted; connectivity is now widespread; and new software analytics programs are transforming the efficiency of the Oil & Gas value chain. This paper reviews these concepts and examines how Oil & Gas upstream, mid-stream and downstream processes are impacted and how these processes can derive benefit from this advanced digitization.
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Schneider Electric
Published By: Black Duck Software     Published Date: May 18, 2010
In this webinar Black Duck Software (, together with representatives of SAP, will review the benefits open source offers to development organizations, the management challenges it presents, and approaches for addressing those challenges.
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black duck software, open source, platform, sap, multi-source, code, source
Black Duck Software
Published By: Group M_IBM Q1'20     Published Date: Dec 16, 2019
Business process modeling is an early, critical step in orchestrating the business systems that execute business processes. Maturity levels in business process modeling range from paper and ink to the use of highly-sophisticated modeling software. Each organization has to determine what will work best for its level of process modeling maturity. However, given how most organizations want to move up the maturity scale in process modeling, the best practice is to work with a modeling tool that is sophisticated, yet easy to use—and one that can enable increasingly advanced functionality over time. What’s the right choice? This paper offers insights from IT Central Station members who adopted IBM Blueworks Live. Based on their reviews, it explores how factors like collaborative capabilities, version control, process repositories and integration potential drove their decisions.
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Group M_IBM Q1'20
Published By: Cisco Umbrella EMEA     Published Date: Nov 15, 2019
Cisco has been named in the first ever Gartner ‘Voice of the Customer’ report for the Secure Web Gateways (SWG) market for Cisco Umbrella. Gartner Peer Insights is a peer review and ratings platform designed for enterprise software and services decision makers. This document synthesizes Gartner Peer Insights’ content in the SWG market for 2018. Gartner states that "this peer perspective along with the individual detailed reviews, is complementary to expert research and should play a key role in the customer buying process." This report includes: - SWG Peer Reviews and Ratings - Vendor comparisons - Reviewer demographic
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Cisco Umbrella EMEA
Published By: Excellus BlueCross BlueShield     Published Date: Dec 18, 2019
Pharmacy benefits are one of the biggest investments you can make for your employees and the health of your business. With the right approach, you protect both. Many employers try to cut costs by “carving-out” pharmacy benefits. But this is not only more costly long term, it also leads to gaps in care. By combining medical and pharmacy coverage, your employees get more coordinated and cost-effective care. That’s because medical reviews and pharmaceutical reviews can happen in real-time – improving adherence, preventing dangerous interactions, and reducing visits to the ER. Download this free infographic from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield to learn more on how combining pharmacy with medical can help you save. Plus, get more resources covering a range of health-related topics at Copyright © 2019, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, a nonprofit independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. All rights reserved.
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Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
Published By: Virtela Communications, Inc.     Published Date: Nov 16, 2009
Frost & Sullivan review the limitations associated with a single-provider approach to MPLS networks and its impact on the enterprise. They examine Virtela's Global Service Fabric - a multi-carrier network approach that provides a best-of-breed global MPLS network solution.
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virtela, frost & sullivan, mpls networks, virtela's global service fabric, mpls network solution, cos, multi-protocol label switching, wide area network
Virtela Communications, Inc.
Published By: Genesys     Published Date: Jan 13, 2020
G2 Grid® represents the democratic voice of real contact center software users. It rates products algorithmically, based on data sourced from G2 users’ product reviews and aggregated from online sources and social networks. Get the G2 Grid® report for Contact Center Infrastructure (CCI) software now. See how various contact center products stack up based on real user experiences Compare features for CCI platforms as well as inbound and outbound call centers Select the right contact center software for your needs
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Published By: ASG Software Solutions     Published Date: Apr 20, 2010
This paper can help you achieve successful legacy modernization projects. It presents practical steps for starting application modernization projects and describes the benefits of three high payback strategies. It also reviews the criteria for evaluating a variety of modernization tools.
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asg, application modernization, clarity consulting, apo, application performance optimization, business intelligence
ASG Software Solutions
Published By: Submittable     Published Date: Jan 14, 2020
Entrants expect an easy registration process when applying for contests. If at any point there are hurdles or roadblocks to entry, the contest risks the possibility of losing entries. At the same time, marketers are responsible for running a clear, smooth review process for judges so that the best entrant wins. Submission management software allows contests to receive relevant, intriguing entries while also giving judges the power to easily and confidently review contestants and their submissions. It empowers the organizers of the contest to know they are running a comprehensive, fair, and efficient contest from submission to review. In this eBook you’ll learn how to: - Set up an excellent review team - Run an efficient review process - Effectively communicate with submitters - Make the most of your final decision
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Published By: Upsite Technologies     Published Date: Sep 18, 2013
The average computer room today has cooling capacity that is nearly four times the IT heat load. Using data from 45 sites reviewed by Upsite Technologies, this white paper will show how you can calculate, benchmark, interpret, and benefit from a simple and practical metric called the Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF). Calculating the CCF is the quickest and easiest way to determine cooling infrastructure utilization and potential gains to be realized by AFM improvements.
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ccf, upsite technologies, cooling capacity factor, energy costs, cooling, metrics, practical, benchmark
Upsite Technologies
Published By: Vision Solutions     Published Date: Feb 26, 2010
Achieving effective and efficient high availability protection for larger IBM i environments requires careful thought and clear understanding of the technology options. This white paper describes what you need to know in order to make an informed decision about IBM i high availability strategies so that your business requirements for Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) are not compromised
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vision, high availability, ibm, cdp, aix, xsm
Vision Solutions
Published By: BlackBerry Cylance     Published Date: Dec 02, 2019
Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency, sophistication, and effectiveness.1 The ongoing trend of successful attacks demonstrates that cybersecurity practices are not keeping pace with modern threats. Is your organization well-defended, or living on borrowed time? Here are ten signs to help you determine whether your endpoint protection is primed for action or ready for retirement.
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BlackBerry Cylance
Published By: Consulternatives, LLC     Published Date: Feb 19, 2013
A short review of key questions to answer and areas of consideration when developing, deploying, and maintaining a Web project.
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Consulternatives, LLC
Published By: IdentityIntact for Business     Published Date: Oct 21, 2011
IdentityIntact for Business presents a comprehensive review of how your business can be better protected from data breach attacks by cyber thieves.
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IdentityIntact for Business
Published By: SAP     Published Date: Mar 02, 2017
Deploying a performance management system is a powerful catalyst for increasing employee and organizational performance. If not handled properly, however, organizations risk creating unnecessary administrative work which can diminish some of the benefits. A key challenge is to balance the tension between creating a fair and consistent evaluation process across the organization and measuring employee performance based on individual needs. What best practices should you follow to help strike the right balance? How have other leading organizations designed effective review forms and processes?
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Published By: SAP     Published Date: Mar 09, 2017
There’s strong evidence organizations are challenged by the opportunities presented by external information sources such as social media, government trend data, and sensor data from the Internet of Things (IoT). No longer content to use internal databases alone, they see big data resources augmented with external information resources as what they need in order to bring about meaningful change. According to a September 2015 global survey of 251 respondents conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 78 percent of organizations agree or strongly agree that within two years the use of externally generated big data will be “transformational.” But there’s work to be done, since only 21 percent of respondents strongly agree that external data has already had a transformational effect on their firms.
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Published By: Cisco     Published Date: Dec 11, 2018
The goal of this review is to educate customers on the capabilities that Cisco’s SD-WAN solution provides when working with Amazon Web Services (AWS). ESG describes Cisco’s solution and highlights the business value it can deliver to customers via its integration with AWS. ESG completed this summary as part of an AWS-commissioned report to review nine SD-WAN vendors. Readers should use this review as a starting point when investigating how they can leverage the combination of AWS and Cisco for business advantage. I would like to receive email communications about products & offerings from Cisco & its Affiliates. I understand I can unsubscribe at any time. For more information on how Cisco collects and uses personal information, please see the Cisco Online Privacy Statement.
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Published By: Lenovo - APAC     Published Date: Dec 18, 2019
With over 360,000 new malicious files created daily, it’s important not to wait. Lenovo Think devices make it easy to leave your old OS behind and simply and securely make the transition to the enhanced security of Windows 10. Built-in protections lock-down devices and data without getting in the way of productivity. Our expert consultants provide customized transition plans and full end-to-end reviews of security workflows to help you successfully move forward. Learn more >
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Lenovo - APAC
Published By: Cisco EMEA     Published Date: Nov 15, 2017
A new Harvard Business Review Analytic Services global study of more than 300 midsize to large enterprises finds that many executives believe current collaboration tools fall short on supporting the depth, pace, and style of teamwork now required to keep up with today’s most important business imperatives.
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collaboration, collaboration tools, harvard business review, team work, teams
Cisco EMEA
Published By: Hitachi Vantara     Published Date: Mar 08, 2019
In a perfect world, downtime would be a thing of the past, however, as organizations continue their digital transformation journeys, more data assets are being created—generating, in turn, higher availability demands. Delivering on availability service levels is not just a technical responsibility, but also a business imperative extending well beyond IT. The consequences of failing to meet service levels can be dire and costly. Read this white paper to learn how the right tools can minimize downtime.
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Hitachi Vantara
Published By: Hewlett Packard Enterprise     Published Date: May 11, 2018
Most IT professionals today recognize that enterprise IT will be hybrid in the future. To provide the optimal foundation for each workload being deployed, the hybrid IT environment will include cloud-based infrastructures—from multiple providers—co-existing alongside infrastructure within the enterprise data center or a hosted environment. But not all hyperconverged solutions yield the same results. The right hyperconverged infrastructure can meet your IT needs both today and well into the future. In this paper, we will talk about where your data center needs to be in the next five years to meet changing business demands, and how the roles of IT professionals will evolve. We will also review “hyperconvergence” models, and how they can best meet your IT needs both today and in the future, as well as the benefits you can expect along the way. Finally, we discuss what to look for in the right hyperconverged provider, who will position your IT department for success.
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Published By: Akamai Technologies     Published Date: May 05, 2017
Today’s mobile users are spoiled. They demand rich, desktop quality experiences tailored to their devices and delivered at lightning fast speeds. And while these “always on” users represent a tremendous business opportunity, satisfying their high expectations requires overcoming complex mobile delivery challenges. In this e-book, we review three key mobile delivery challenges and explain how you can overcome them by optimizing for fast APIs, mobile apps, and mobile sites to increase engagement, revenue, and customer loyalty. Download today to learn how your business can Meet Today’s Mobile Mandate.
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mobile adoption, customer loyalty, customer engagement, increase revenue
Akamai Technologies
Published By: Workplace by Facebook     Published Date: Sep 27, 2018
As organizational structures get flatter, opportunities for meaningful global collaboration are increasing. However, without the right tools in place, those opportunities will go to waste. Workplace by Facebook asked Harvard Business Review to find out how its audience is thinking about adopting, deploying, and using social collaboration tools at work. The results from over 750 magazine and e-newsletter readers, customers and users show that the time to act is now. Download this info-graphic to view the results from over 750 magazine and e-newsletter readers, customers and users
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collaboration software, collaboration portal, business communication, workforce management, project management, team work
Workplace by Facebook
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