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Published By: Digital Realty     Published Date: Feb 24, 2015
Like many of its customers, in recent years NetApp has been faced with an increasingly fast-paced business environment, including an explosion in the amount of data that must be stored and managed, resulting in the need for best-in-class technical operations. They needed a new best-in-class data center to serve as the backbone of your technical operations going forward . Find out why they turned to Digital Realty.
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data center, infrastructure management, access control, physical security, it management, business technology
Digital Realty
Published By: Entrust Datacard APAC     Published Date: Mar 19, 2020
Customer-driven strategies based on Instant Issuance technologies are allowing financial institutes to provide a better customer experience, increase their brand loyalty and enjoy a greater market share. Their customers are enjoying instant gratification with Instant Issuance, regardless if it is for new accounts, replacement of lost or expired cards, or reissuance after a security incident or breach. Instant Issuance is not limited to branch locations cards can be issued in retail stores, remote locations, airports, casinos, and even cruise ships. In fact, some forward-thinking financial institutions are using self-service kiosks, which allow consumers to assume even greater control over the process. For the past 25 years, Entrust Datacard has been working with financial institutions to produce high-quality cards that appeals to even the most demanding consumers. Access to the E-Book to understand how you can grow into a better, stronger, more sought-after brand.
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Entrust Datacard APAC
Published By: Lane Telecommunications     Published Date: Apr 14, 2009
The fax market is changing significantly though not in the way predicted by many. Far from an inevitable decline brought about by the emergence of e-mail, the demand for fax, particularly from larger companies, is actually growing. The way that fax is managed within the business is also undergoing a significant period of transition.
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kudos, lane, lane telecommunications, fax over ip, foip, ip network, integrated business communications, integrated ip, voice market, voip, multi- function peripherals, mfps, erp, public switched telephone network, pstn, fax over internet protocol, t.37, store and forward, t.38, real-time
Lane Telecommunications

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