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Published By: DataCore     Published Date: Apr 23, 2019
In our developing digital economy, IT is a strategic asset. By effectively leveraging data, businesses become more operationally efficient, create more differentiated customer experiences, and develop new products and business models. However, unlocking those benefits requires a higher degree of execution by IT. Simply keeping pace with demand is no longer good enough; IT needs to help drive the businessís digital pursuits. The increased pressure on IT has amplified complexity, as welló66% of IT decision makers surveyed by ESG say IT is more complex than it was just two years ago.1 Demands being placed on IT are scaling relentlessly, and the tools IT teams use are in a constant state of evolution. Integrating and optimizing those new infrastructure technologies while managing existing investments is a perpetual burden. IT organizations, therefore, have two choices: either increase their personnel and budgets enough to survive the evolution with just traditional tools, or redirect those
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software defined storage, hyperconverged, storage consolidation, storage management, data migration, storage migration
Published By: Qualys     Published Date: Jun 03, 2015
Learn the 8 best practices for selecting a Web Application Scanning solution and see how you can select the right solution for your organizationís needs.
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qualys, web application scanning, was solution, security solution, was choices, it management, enterprise applications
Published By: SAS     Published Date: Sep 30, 2014
When Information Revolution1 was published in 2006, no Chinese based companies were among the top 10 largest companies by market capitalization. Apple didnít sell phones. Facebook was something college kids used to connect with their friends. Back then, we talked a lot about the amount of data coming in and faster processing speed. What we believed then remains true today: Data, and the decision-making process, can be moved throughout the organization to equip every decision maker (automated, line worker, analyst, executive) to make the best choices. By operationalizing analytics, organizations can identify and quantify both opportunity and risk. Information Revolution highlighted SASí Information Evolution Model, which helps organizations understand how they interact with their information and how to extract more value from it through analytics.
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sas, organizational insights, operationalizing analytics, sasí information evolution model
Published By: Comcast Business     Published Date: Feb 07, 2020
It wasnít quite a mystery that guests at restaurants and hotels want free WiFi, but a new report shows just how much WiFi influences consumer choices. According to the "2019 Annual Customer Engagement Technology Study" the majority of hotel guests (84%) and restaurant diners (56%) say that access to free WiFi drives their booking and dining decisions. The annual report, produced by Hospitality Technology magazine and sponsored by Comcast Business, explores what consumers want when it comes to technology at hotels and restaurants, as well as how hospitality organizations are directing their investments to meet consumer expectations.
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Comcast Business

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