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Published By: ADP     Published Date: Apr 02, 2020
When asked to define financial wellness in a study conducted by ADP Retirement Services, respondents overwhelmingly pointed to "a sense of security and being free from their current stresses".1 An employerbased program supporting employee financial wellness, therefore, may include tools and support to help employees remain on track with personal expenses, maximize their income and savings, respond to unanticipated expenses, and plan for retirement.2 Traditionally, employers offered a main source of financial and retirement planning in the form of pensions, 401(k), life insurance, stock plans and other insurance and financial benefits. Although the workforce has evolved dramatically and continues to change, employees are still looking to employers for financial wellness support. In fact, employers who offer financial wellness programs have a distinct recruitment and retention advantage, and businesses thrive when employees are more secure.
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Published By: AON     Published Date: Dec 07, 2017
The pressure is mounting and employers are feeling the pinch. As U.S. health care costs continue their seemingly inexorable rise, businesses are looking for ways to wrest greater value from their health care spend. More and more, employers are looking for benefits strategies that help prevent chronic disease and, if it is present, encourage early, efficient treatment. The brass ring is getting employees to proactively manage their own health by adopting healthy behaviors, such as exercising and eating healthily. It’s better for the employees, it increases productivity, and it reduces health care expenditures. So how are organizations today looking to craft health and well-being plans that deliver real results for employers and employees alike? This white paper looks at three key areas where new and innovative approaches are changing the equation.
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