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Published By: Ricoh US     Published Date: Jan 29, 2020
Self-help books about the subject fly off shelves, enterprises embrace process-improvement doctrines with cultish zeal, and we spend collective billions on technologies that promise to make us more effective. The irony of this obsession is that one of the main behaviors it elicitsóworking longer hoursóis fundamentally unproductive. Some of the reasons are intuitively obvious; overwork strains the happiness and wellbeing of employees which can lead to reduced motivation and expensive turnover. However, there is a well-established body of evidence indicating that it makes us outright worse at our jobs as well. Cognitive ability and focus suffer, judgment is impaired and mistakes become more frequent.1
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Ricoh US
Published By: IBM     Published Date: Feb 27, 2014
Agile methods are increasingly popular in application, enterprise and embedded development. Yet the question remains: Do the 12 agile principles apply to more than just software? Find out how leading companies are beginning to exploit agile's iterative processes for far more than software.
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ibm, ibm software, product development, systems engineering, agile organization, embedded development, enterprise, application

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