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Shavlik Technologies, LLC is the market leader in the simplification of complex enterprise network configuration, compliance and security. Shavlik's solutions support an organization's need for Active Vulnerability Management - the automated and continual process for preventing, detecting, and removing critical security threats from corporate networks while maintaining policy-driven security configurations. Founded in 1993, Shavlik Technologies is the de facto industry standard for patch management solutions. With more than 10,000 customers worldwide, Shavlik is trusted to provide the most up-to-date security patch data and the most comprehensive discovery capability to maintain a customer's overall network security integrity. Company CEO Mark Shavlik is a founder of the patch management industry as he teamed with Microsoft in 1999 to create the patch engine for Microsoft Base Security Analyzer (MBSA). This technology is still used by an installed base of millions of users across the globe. Shavlik also licenses its technology to more than 20 leading security companies such as IBM, BMC, Symantec and iPass. Shavlik's products have won multiple awards from leading industry trade journals. A History of Enterprise Network Security - Patch Management, Compliance Management and Network Security Assessment.
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Shavlik Technologies

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