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Alacritech®, Inc., led by industry visionary Larry Boucher, was founded in 1997 to provide data acceleration solutions that enable the highest performance and efficiency in networked systems. Today, Alacritech is the world's leading supplier of TCP Offload Engine (TOE) Network Interface Card (TNIC) solutions and the only supplier of TNIC products for Microsoft Windows-based systems.Alacritech was first to envision the technical and economic advantages of using hardware acceleration for TCP/IP data delivery. As network data delivery requirements expand and new IP-based storage products emerge, Alacritech is well positioned as a leading technology provider to both of these converging industries. All of Alacritech's Accelerator products are based on the company's patented SLIC Technology® architecture, which provides unmatched performance and efficiency to storage and server products. Alacritech's Accelerators are widely used in the industry's leading storage and server products.
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