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Information Builders was founded over 30 years ago with a very simple mission – to help business people get to the information in their enterprise systems easily and quickly.We succeeded. Today, our customers can efficiently put information in the hands of everyone they rely on to support, supply, run, and transact with their businesses. Thousands of customers and partners all over the world, including most of the Fortune 100, all major federal agencies, and many educational institutions, use Information Builders' software and services to turn data into actionable information that helps their customers, employees, managers, and business partners make better decisions faster. Information Builders helps companies achieve a competitive advantage in an "information now" world.Information Builders sets the standard for enterprise business intelligence and reporting by adhering to the same mission: WebFOCUS, our flagship product, is a fully integrated enterprise business intelligence suite (EBIS) that enables customers to make better decisions based on complete information by providing more access to more data sources and running on more platforms than any other vendor. Unlike other business intelligence and reporting products, WebFOCUS delivers comprehensive functionality – including enterprise reporting, ad hoc query and OLAP analysis, information delivery and management, data access/management and ETL, portal integration, flexible and intuitive development tools, administration and security, and closed-loop business intelligence – built from the ground up by the same engineering staff to ensure interoperability.
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Information Builders
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