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MCH is America's leading compiler of business-to-institution (B2i) databases and mailing lists. The MCH database features information on 1.3 million institutions and 8.2 million decision makers. The largest institutional markets in the country include hospitals, medical practices, schools, school districts, governments, and churches. MCH's large on-site research staff continuously updates data, primarily through telephone surveys. The MCH GeoPoints division provides geospatially-enhanced data used by local, state, and federal government agencies for emergency preparedness and planning purposes. The MCH GeoPoints database is the first comprehensive, national database on critical facilities and is a continuous, cost-effective, and sustainable GIS resource for institutional information. MCH, Inc. has offices in Sweet Springs and Kansas City, MO. For further information about MCH and the services offered, visit the company's Web site at www.mailings.com.
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